Quarts Carpet Flooring

Quartz Carpet is a resilient floor covering. It is a hand troweled, seamless floor covering combining natural quartz granules with resin. The result is a floor which resembles a carpet and delivers the endurance of tile. Quartz Carpet can be used for interior as well exterior projects and applications.

Quartz Carpet is available in a wide variety of granule sizes, colours and finishes. The granules within the Quartz Carpet are coated in a proprietary UV stable coating, ensuring they do not fade over time.

This flooring solution can be installed over existing concrete, tile or virtually any surface, and can accommodate most logos, inlays or graphics producing eye catching and creative environments for brands and businesses, both interior and exterior.

Advantages of Quartz Carpet Floors

  • Non-slip and available in 36 UV stable colours
  • They are durable, impact and scratch resistant
  • Low-maintenance and hygienic flooring option
  • European alluvial stone
  • Quick and tidy installation
  • Quartz Carpet can be applied directly over tiles and most existing surfaces