Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane flooring can be described as a heavy-duty and hardwearing resin flooring. It comprises of an aggregate-filled core, filled with flint, and depending on the usage environment, varying coating thicknesses are applied. A minimum thickness of 4mm is required ranging up to 10mm in areas with very high or low temperatures.

Our polyurethane products provide the highest level of durability available. They are robust, hardwearing, and resilient, suitable for a wide range of environments such as food manufacturing, engineering, and chemical-based operations. The virtues and qualities of Polyurethane screeds make them a common place feature in food manufacturing environments where durability, safety and hygiene are of paramount importance.

In comparison to an epoxy screed, polyurethane offers greater heat resistance, withstands high-impact, heavy wheeled traffic, and steam cleaning. For additional peace of mind, all our polyurethane screeds are HACCP approved.